1. Intellectual property of the web
All the rights of intellectual property of the content of this web page, the graphical design and the codes source, are A SUNSEA VILLAGE exclusive ownership, corresponding the exclusive exercise the rights of exploitation of the same ones.

Therefore there remains prohibited reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, total or partial, without SUNSEA VILLAGE express authorization, Equally, all the trade names, brands or signs different from any class contained in this web site are protected by law.

2. Content of the web and links
In SUNSEA VILLAGE, we do not take responsibility for any damages of the contents of our web page, being an exclusive responsibility of the person who accedes to them or uses them.

We do not also assume any responsibility for the information contained in the web pages of third parties to which it could accede for links or seekers from the web page www.digital-nature.com.

3. Exchange or diffusion of information
SUNSEA VILLAGE, declines any responsibility that stems from the exchange of information between users across on our web page. Specially we do not play the role ourselves responsible for the use that the minors could do of the same one in case the contents to which one accedes could hurt the sensibility of the same ones.

4. Update and modification of the web page
SUNSEA VILLAGE, reserve the right to update, to modify or eliminate the information contained on our web site, and the configuration or presentation of the same one, in any moment, without previous notice, and without assuming any responsibility for it.

5. Indications on technical aspects
In SUNSEA VILLAGE, we do not take any responsibility that could stem from technical problems or failures in the computer equipments, not attributable to our Society, that they take place during the connection to the network of Internet, as well as from damages that could be caused by third persons by means of illegitimate interferences out of SUNSEA VILLAGE control.

Also we remain from any responsibility before possible damages or prejudices that the user could suffer as a result mistakes, faults or omissions in the information that we facilitate when comes from sources foreign to us.

6. Data processing of the user
In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, SUNSEA VILLAGE, informs clients that all the personal information should facilitate him they will be included in an automated file of information of personal character, created and supported on the responsibility of SUNSEA VILLAGE.

The purpose of the above mentioned file is to facilitate the processing of the requests and to send commercial offers in the future on products and services that could ensue from interest to our clients.

SUNSEA VILLAGE, guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the facilitated information. Thus, compromises itself to the fulfillment of its obligation of secret of the information of personal character and of its duty to all the necessary measures guard and adopt them to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized use. Therefore, all the information about our clients neither will be used by commercial intentions nor will be yielded to third parties.

The clients of SUNSEA VILLAGE will be able to exercise at all time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, communicating it in writing to our email address pulsating here.

7. Security in the accesses
The access to the pages across which the client of SUNSEA VILLAGE consults personal information, request complementary information or contract someone of the products that we offer it is realized across sure line.

8. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction
With general character, the relations with our clients, who stem from the presentation of the services contained in our web, are submitted to the legislation and the Spanish jurisdiction.

The users of our web are conscious of everything exposed and accept it voluntarily.

If you want to do some commentary or suggestion, you can use our e-mail of contact.